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Mark Dysinger is a stand up comedian with performance and hosting experience in New England. He specializes in adult night club material, but also does clean sets for specific occasions. His material is generally observational and topical, with healthy doses of pop culture and self deprecation. Mark consistently looks forward to the excitement that each performance brings.


Mark's comedic performances are crowd interactive and keep audience members on their toes.  Mark gives as much energy to crowds as he can, and genuinely feels the energy in return.


Mark fully believes that everybody has a voice that should be shared in some way. For him, it has always been through a sense of humor. After a milestone birthday, Mark decided that if he kept waiting for the right time to hit the stage, it would never be the right time. Since that birthday, he hasn't looked back, culminating in highlights of performance and guest host spots for Comix Roadhouse at Mohegan Sun casino and Broadway Comedy Club in New York City.

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